by Deserto Moai

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A caravan of iguanas in a desert of music.


released April 24, 2019

Recording: Colaço Studio / Caravana do Deserto.
Mixing and mastering: Pedro Tavares > 1234 Recording Studio
Artwork: Jean Michel :: DSNS ART

© Deserto Moai ® 2019


all rights reserved



Deserto Moai Brasília, Brazil

A caravan of iguanas in a desert of music, riding through the space-time continuum, hoping to exist.

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Track Name: Whispers to the Ocean
Isn’t it strange how time
Does not change things
The more I think about it
It’s the only thing that never changes

As the crow flies
No signs of land
An empty boat
Floating on a steady ocean

Sometimes I fight
The breaking of the waves
The breaking of the waves

Sleeping just like the calm
Before the storm
Dream of everything that you will do
When the time is right
You will wake up
When your last breath
Fades in the air

Take all the stones
And build a brand new home
So far away, with the stars
And in the wings of the night

Sometimes I fight
The breaking of the waves
This time I’ll ride
The blowing of the wind
Track Name: The Rising Shiny Blow of a Warm Sandy Wind
Someday you will walk
across the road where youth is found
Someday you will stare
at your own bliss and crave
Crave for the moments
when the lights won't cease to shine through

Someday you’ll begin
to climb the world so you can watch
Watch all the birds
reaching higher than the stars.
And place your silent words
on the rocks, it will suffice

They say you may fight
for what is worth a thousand times
You're just meant to live
in outer lands, you feel the breeze?
Take my hand, it's me,
the motherland of hopes and dreams

They say you’ve cried for the moon
Just meant to live in outer lands
You wished to fly for too long
You'll cease your crying
Track Name: Labyrinth
I’m walking alone on the road that leads
to a circle of stones
Remaining of times long gone
There are mystic glyphs
Carved into the walls of this old labyrinth
Which others may call a myth

Then I see a well from where comes a sound
resembling a weird spell
In ways that I couldn’t tell
The water is clear, but all that sinks in it suddenly disappears
Although the bottom seems near

Whispers calling in the dark
Echoes coming from a distant landmark
Try to reach out for the light
Bringing on with them the night

Then within this rash of sound
Hear a voice that takes my feet off the ground
Like the wind, it blows my thoughts away
In my heart I feel the urge
To go astray

Then I see there is a way out
Something makes me wanna stay
So I look up at the stars above my head
And the maze, it starts to fall down
Like teardrops shed

Everything is in your mind
Track Name: Takers
So they all left
to the other side of the land
leaving their homes behind
through the coasts and waterfalls
towards the promise of new better lands

From the ocean came
A shadow that painted the rising Sun
in red
You brought the beginning of the end

I haven’t got the time to explain
I came from a world you would not understand
You say
We came to set the land of the free
Now we need you to be slaves to our dreams

When the dawn came
Our bodies were fading like tears in the rain
Ascending to the sky
someone begged
please don't leave me behind

A brave came running into the eye of the storm
His last words were
You cannot kill me
From the mountains we were born
out of a dying star
and once more
we’ll be free
Track Name: Early Riser
When the day is done
Colours make their way
Through an endless sky

Build a fire
let your world become one
with this place and time

Someone told me
It's hard to believe
This could end
Afraid to love
And dance in the rain
Now they live
Like tomorrow exists

Sleeping underneath
the ceilings they've built
On a bed made of dreams

When the crash of the city lights
Blinded your heart, clouded your eyes
Let the wind on a rainy day
Wash it away

There was a time when we
were guided by the stars
Then we made ‘em gods
And gods make their own ways
Alone in the Sun

When the stars on a starry night
Lighten up your heart
Divide your eyes
Let your words blow in the wind
It will sing to you
Sweet melodies
Track Name: Last Beat
Listen now, the rain's on its way
Can you feel it coming?
There is something about this life
always running to an end...

I will gladly hit the road
Taking all my dreams with me
I will turn them into stories
Before the light disappears on the horizon

I believe there is something for you and me
Goodness that could break the darkness
Let our time be this river that flows with the winds
Sometimes it's almost still

I will gladly hit the road
Making all our dreams come true
I will live them all with you
Before our hearts stop beating
Track Name: Caravana
Do córrego dá pra ver o rio
Viajando sem desaparecer
Já não havia mais céu
Depois que as nuvens partiram

Andei, andei
Pela montanha eu vim
Me siga
Eu também estou perdido

A chuva chegou tarde
Nos caminhos dessa monção
Corre pelos tempos distantes daqui
Passou agora um momento sem fim

A grama é mais verde do lado de lá
Como o Sol escolhesse aonde bater
A noite chegou cedo e depois
Foi embora como um trem
errando o destino

Levante as raízes
Veja o que você encontrou

Eu vim pelo vale
Eu vi a caravana passar
Plantando as memórias pelo chão
A areia nossa o vento levou
Nosso tempo aqui já acabou

E a caravana seguiu
Track Name: Interstellar
Lying on the grass
We look deep into the big blue sky
Waiting for another morning to begin

The endless horizon
Somehow feels so close
With thunder moving
at the speed of sound

Running miles and miles
From a distance, you’re standing still
Feels like a drop of water in the rain

Listen to your dreams
They are fading as you walk away
Wandering on a road
Where the years pass us by
Moving at the speed of light

Mountains will rise and fall
While the night turns into day
You cross the river and you’re not the same

You may drink this water
But time, through our hands, slips away
From the beginning to the end

And the cold stream waters
They will all disappear
Before we can see
We exist in now and here

Watch the distant times
As you walk into a starry night?
Constellations are
Now strangers in the dark
In the arms of this eternal night
Our cradle and our grave
Know we'll never be the same

After the world is over
Set our sails against
the howling wind
the howling wind...
I asked mother Earth
"Can we survive?"
But this time I see
the struggle in her eyes
The thunder

In the vastness of space
And the immensity of time
Wanted you to know
We always come and go
And it's my joy to share with you
A life in this world

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